Gulf: the blue & orange story

After the film Le Mans hit the theaters there was a real run on promotional jackets bearing the Gulf logo that were worn in the film. Everyone wanted to be as cool as Steve McQueen and the complete selection of jackets and accessories were sold out within a few days. It took months until the world-wide demand could be satisfied. It was the new thing in the early seventies.

Steve McQueen


For this reason the leather and racing jacket specialist DAKOTA is -thirty years later- adding a Le Mans Gulf-jacket to its collection. Amazingly, even today there is still a fan club world-wide that proudly wears the orange and blue colored logo with pride on their chest.

Thirty years later, the one of a kind sponsoring activities by Gulf at LeMans and the legendary light blue GT 40 and Porsche 917 are still highly regarded today. DAKOTA recently signed a long-term contract with Gulf Oil Ltd. in order to offer a whole collection of traditional Grand Prix styles, travel bags and accessories.

Blue & Orange

The History of Gulf in Motorsport from Michael Cotton. BLUE & ORANGE is the story of Gulf Oil and a history of motor racing sponsor ship that stretches back to the 1930s. This lavishly illustrated, large format 196 page full colour book focuses on the drivers, the cars and the events associated with the Pittsburgh company and their famous logo through the best part of 70 years.

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Pictures from the movie Le Mans   Pictures from the movie Le Mans

Attention: All photographs are original black/white images from the original "Le Mans" photographer (Lion André de Lourmel). Buy Steve McQueen photographs in the GPO Boutique!

Pictures from the movie Le Mans   Pictures from the movie Le Mans
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