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A daring loyal customer and friend has dared the big adventure

The Berlin-Peking Rally 2019

A daring loyal customer and friend of GPO literally took the path least traveled and raced in the Berlin-Peking 2019 rally. Of course, he and his team were well-equipped, not the least of which was their choice of footwear – as GPO sneakers accompanied their dusty, wet and perilous 14,000 kilometer trek down the Silk Road.

Their specially prepared 1973 Mercedes Benz 280 S was surely the most robust car in the field with its 150 liter tank, protected underbody, stone chip protected windshield and sport seats. The 52-day ordeal took them to Volgograd, along the Volga River down to the Caspian Sea, across the steppe and deserts to jewels of the Orient like Samarkand in Uzbekistan and then over the foothills of the Pamir Mountains to Dunhuang and then Xi’an until they finally reached Peking.

They crossed eight countries and were faced with every imaginable kind of weather – and the GPO Sneaker proved to be a reliable companion consistently offering good traction and stability. It was only in the desert where they momentarily made their way into the trunk and were replaced by hiking boots. But ultimately, just like the Mercedes-Benz 280 S, the GPO Sneaker held up and passed the test of this monster rally with flying colors. What a performance and our hearty congratulations to the team!

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